Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an order?

  1. Contact our marketing staff (see Contact Us) to discuss and confirm the detail of your order along with its design and specifications. You can also discuss the shipping schedule.
  2. We will calculate your order and give you an offer according to your order's details.
  3. After all the details and the price are agreed, you can pay a deposit of 50% of the order price to start the manufacturing process.

How long is the production time?

The length of the production time depends on the size, material availability and your specifications. But normally, it will take :

  • 1-2 weeks for 1 gazebo
  • 2-3 weeks for 1 bungalow
  • 1-2 months for 1 house

How do I keep track of my order's progress?

We will keep you informed about the progress of the work from time to time through e-mail, accompanied with supporting photos. In the future, our website will be equipped with a special client's login which will enable you to keep track of the work's progress on your order live and real time, anytime you want to.


We are a native local company with long professional experience in wood craftsmanship.

Why you should choose MGM BALI CARPENTER?

Not only will you get factory direct pricing, but you will also get high quality products crafted of the finest materials, made by our highly skilled traditional carpenters with very long-term experiences. We stand behind our products with superior customer service and timely delivery. We also offer no minimum quantity orders.

What is the terms and conditions of the payment?

We will need a 50% down payment to start the works on your order and another 50% after the order is completed, before the shipping can be made.

What are the payment methods acceptable?

You can make the payment via electronic transfer to our bank account in Rupiah. Payments in other currencies will be converted to Rupiah. You can also make the payment by credit card. Please keep in mind that electronic transfer process can take up to 7 days before your payment reaches our bank account.

Update : we now accept Paypal payment !

What about the price of your products?

Considering all of our products are custom made and pricing is always connected with the fluctuation of materials prices on the market, then when you have decided to order our products please ask for a proposal from us immediately. We will give you our best price according to the current pricing at that time. You can also apply for conditions and relevant options regarding the product that you order.

What kinds of wood do you use?
There are 2 kinds of wood that we used. They are as follows :
1. Bengkirai Wood; We use this wood because of its strength. It can be left outside for over 25 years with no deterioration.
2. Coconut Wood; We use this wood for the pillars because of its strength and it gives the impression of traditional ethnic.

How is the wood's quality?
We only use the best wood quality, which is Grade A wood.

How about termite resistance?
On the lab test, Bengkirai wood achieved a rating of 9.5 on the scale of 1 – 10 (10 being the highest resistance value). As comparisons, Redwood and Cedar achieved a rating of 8.0.

How about shrinkage and expansion?
Like all natural woods bengkirai will expand and contract a little depending on the climatic conditions. This is normal and does not affect the overall stability and appearance of the structure.

What is your standard product specification?
1. Square Bengkirai post
2. Round Coconut post
3. Bengkirai wood structure and flooring
4. Thatched roof and wooden roof
5. Anti termites treatment

How do I maintain my Bengkirai wood?
Bengkirai is a very durable tropical hardwood and needs practically low maintenance. Like many tropical hardwoods, Bengkirai eventually weathers to an attractive silver-grey finish, however regular applications of Bengkirai Oil or similar wood treatments will keep the original sheen and color..

Do you have a problem when you sent the timber to another country before?
Because there is a different humidity between Bali with another country, so sometime the wood will expand and shrink. But don't be worried about this problem because we have anticipated this problem with our system.

What about the shipping conditions of my order?
All our proposals are based on an ex factory condition. It means that the shipping costs will be calculated separately, whether it will be organized by you or we can organize it for you depending on your request. This issue can be discussed in advanced so that you can get the most suitable shipping method to your preference.

Does MGM BALI CARPENTER provide cargo services?
We are a wood manufacture company and we don't have our own Freight Forwarder. But if you wish to, we can introduce you to our qualified partner to provide the total shipping solution and track the consignment from buying, quality control, packing, loading, and shipping to arrival for you. We have worked together with our partner company for a long time so you have nothing to worry about.

Free 1 Gazebo for Every Late Order Completion

  1. Warranty only valid for orders of Gazebo (2 x 2 m minimum) or Wooden House, made of Bengkirai wood and/or Kelapa wood.
  2. Warranty only valid for orders with Effective Down Payment received in MGM Bali Carpenter's bank account in 2011.
  3. Down Payment of orders MUST be a minimum of 50% of the invoice (in Rupiah). Deficits in payments caused by exchange rates are only tolerated by 1% maximum.
  4. All documents of drawings and specifications MUST be approved and signed by customers at the same time of invoice signing. In cases where the signings of physical documents are not possible, it must be substituted by replying "Order Confirmation E-mail" which will be sent by MGM Bali Carpenter.
  5. Order processing and completion deadline countdown starts +1 (one full day after) the Effective Down Payment is received in MGM Bali Carpenter's bank account. Down Payment receipt confirmation will be informed via the "Down Payment Settlement Confirmation E-mail".
  6. Gazebos will be handed over in a ready to use & ready to pick up condition. That means that the packaging, instalation and/or shipping costs are NOT included.
  7. If there are any changes in the drawings or specifications after the invoice is agreed, MGM Bali Carpenter reserves the right to change the deadline of order completion which will be informed via the "Re-schedule Confirmation E-mail" which the customer MUST reply.
  8. If there are any changes in the drawings or specifications after the invoice is agreed, MGM Bali Carpenter reserves the right to re-calculate the total cost of order completion, which will be informed via the "Re-calculation Confirmation E-mail" which the customer must reply.
  9. The order completion deadline countdown will be stopped when the order is completed (finished 100%) which will be informed via the "Order Completion Confirmation E-mail" which the customer MUST reply.
  10. The definition of "Finished 100%" is that the order has been worked on and put together as a whole at MGM Bali Carpenter workshop according to the drawings and specifications, and is ready to undergo the next process (inspection, taking down, packaging and shipping).
  11. In case of repair claims, corrections or changes asked by the customer after the order completion, the time needed by MGM Bali Carpenter to complete those repair claims, corrections or changes is NOT calculated towards the Late Completion Warranty.
  12. The order's daily working time limit is on 22:00 WITA
  13. The free Gazebo that will be given is a sample Gazebo which have been made and displayed at MGM Bali Carpenter's workshop with the following specifications : Kelapa wood Gazebo, 2 x2 m, thatch roofing and standard model.
  14. The free Gazebo can NOT be exchanged for money or any other items.
  15. The late order completion warranty only gives 1 (satu) free Gazebo unit for every order by a customer at one time (regardless of how many items there are in the order). In this case, one order consisting of several items can NOT be split into several orders (although it may involve several invoices).
  16. The Late Order Completion warranty is void in case of Force Majeure. The definition of Force Majeur is an event beyond the control of the parties that was not envisaged by the parties when the contract was entered into, which directly affects the failure to complete the whole or a part of the order.
  17. The Force Majeure in the Late Order Completion Warranty includes : earthquake, tsunami, floods, hurricane, fire, epidemy and other events such as : sabotage, war, riot, strike, electrical blackout by the government and any change of situation caused by the government's ruling or policy.

Free Customer Shuttle
1. Free Shuttle service is limited to a maximum of 30 Km radius from MGM Bali Carpenter workshop (Simpang Siur), which includes : Ngurah Rai Airport, Ubud, Denpasar, Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Kerobokan, Benoa, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Dreamland dan Uluwatu.
2. Customers MUST coordinate and confirm the location, date and time of the pickup to MGM Bali Carpenter Marketing division at least 1 (one) work day in advance.
3. The Free Shuttle facility is only used to go from the pickup location to MGM Bali Carpenter Workshop and back.
4. Inside the car we will provide : cold drinks, candy and wet tissue as a complimentary. We do NOT provide breakfast, lunch or dinner.
5. Passengers number and/or luggage MUST conform to the specification of the car.

Free Design & Consultation
1. Design & Consultation only include wood work relating to MGM Bali Carpenter's products, it does NOT include construction, mechanical, electrical or landscaping works.
2. Design & Consultation does NOT include matters regarding permits, taxes, exporting regulations and any policy regarding wood products in any country.
3. Before a working agreement (invoice) is made, any drawings that can be given to the customer is floor plan and elevation / view only. Those drawings will have watermark logos indicating they are exclusive property of MGM Bali Carpenter.

Free Installation
1. The Free Installation area is limited to Denpasar area, which includes : Denpasar city, Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Kerobokan, Legian, Benoa, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Dreamland, Pecatu & Uluwatu.
2. The Free Installation process MUST be done in one time only, it can NOT be interrupted/delayed by other factors other than MGM Bali Carpenter's work (e.g. waiting for construction work, electrical installation, permits, etc.). Failure to comply to this condition may incur extra costs that must be payed by the customer.
3. Customers MUST coordinate and confirm the location, date and time of installation to MGM Bali Carpenter's Marketing division at least 2 (two) work days in advance.
4. The Free Installation does NOT include installation permit application (e.g. IMB) or any other costs that the customer may incur.

Free Customer Monitoring Camera
1. MGM Bali Carpenter only provides Monitoring Camera facilites to be accessed by customers real time and independently to monitor the progress of their order completion.
2. MGM Bali Carpenter is NOT responsible for any costs that may occur to access the Monitoring Camera (e.g. internet bills, etc.)
3. MGM Bali Carpenter is NOT responsible for slow or even no internet connections caused by the customer's internet/computer specifications.
4. Each customer will get 1 (one) User ID & Password to access the Monitoring Camera, which will be given to the customer 1 (one) day after the Effective Down Payment is received in MGM Bali Carpenter's bank account, in the "Down Payment Settlement Confirmation E-mail".
5. There is a chance that the Monitoring Camera system is accessed by several different customers at the same time. Customers' tolerance is expected to be able to use this facility in turns.
6. The Monitoring Camera is only functional during the daytime (as MGM Bali Carpenter's operating hours), because there are no working activities during nighttime and the cameras do not have "night view" features.
7. User ID & password will be removed after the order is picked up by the customer.