Excellent Wood Products

We manufacture the finest Wooden House, Bungalow, Gazebo, Pergola & other timber works in traditional Balinese style. All come with custom design, guarantee & easy knock-down system

Wooden House / Bungalow

Wooden houses are eco-friendly house, feels like living in nature and makes your family enjoy staying at home. Made of strength wood material, have more than 30 year’s durability, easy maintenance and supported by easy knockdown system. It will satisfy all your needs because it’s made of client’s own design.

Gazebo / Hut

Make your outdoor garden more beautiful with Gazebo. It’s a perfect place for BBQ and relaxation for you and your entire family. Size and design are custom, let’s put your order soon.

Pergola / Canopy

Cover your terrace or space of your garden or home with wooden Pergola put some chairs and table will be nice to enjoy your day at home. Used as outdoor living room or read your favorite books

Other Wood Works

Here are available in various model with unique design to meet your custom needs such as Wooden Beach Umbrella, Rice Barn (two storey Balinese wooden house), Bridge, Kids Hut / Play House, Wooden Mini Shop, Bale Buffet / Bar, Security House and more.